As part of our Sustainability Strategy, we seek opportunities to efficiently manage the environmental footprint of our own operations. Climate change and population growth are contributing to the increasing costs of resources, particularly as energy, water and raw materials become increasingly sensitive and scarce in supply. Changes in weather patterns and the increasing severity of storm events also have the potential to impact on the sourcing, distribution and delivery of our goods and services. Addressing these risks as our operations expand globally is challenging; we therefore focus on reducing our impacts by continually looking for opportunities to be more efficient, and to source and use environmentally-responsible materials, equipment, building materials, services, etc.

We are also one of the leading Reverse Logistics and Repair Companies, our professional Aftermarket Services, IT Lifecycle Management, Asset Management and Repair Services are fully optimized to the specific requirements of our customers.

With partners spanning the globe, we have the capabilities, facilities and capacity to handle the materials in a responsible and cost-effective manner. We are offering the 5Rs to our customers: Recycling, Remarketing, Refurbishing, Retailing and Reserve Logistics.